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Building System Pros and Cons

One of the primary benefits of modular construction is time savings. Modular buildings are produced offsite using methods similar to the traditional assembly line, which contribute to a more efficient and focused construction timeline. As the modules are constructed separately by the manufacturer, the construction site can be assessed and prepared. When the modules are delivered to the site, about 80% of the construction is already completed. It is then only a matter of installing the modules and putting on the final touches such as utilities. When compared to traditional construction methods including site-built, wood frame construction, modular construction offers a quicker and more efficient route to the time of occupancy. The shorter construction timeline also means fewer labor costs, site disruptions, weather delays and decreased risks of on-site accidents and injuries.

Modular Pros

  • Shorter construction timelines
  • Reduced on-site construction costs
  • Good for replicated vertical structures

Modular Cons

  • Sizes are limited by transportation laws
  • Customization possibilities are limited
  • Not engineered for your location

Building System Pros and Cons

Whether used in low-rise commercial buildings or skyscrapers, rigid frame buildings offer clear span framing, which is perhaps its most valuable feature in addition to its design capabilities. Clear span framing uses no interior columns because the building load is transferred to the side of the building. That leaves hundreds of feet of open space, making rigid frame buildings ideal for agricultural buildings, recreational facilities, factories, storage buildings and warehouses.

Rigid Building Pros

  • Clear span capabilities up to 300’
  • I-beam construction = stronger structure
  • Can be erected quickly

Rigid Building Cons

  • Fabrication timelines can be 3-6 weeks
  • Higher on-site construction costs
  • More expensive to go vertical
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Modular Building Prices vs. Rigid Building Prices

By doing a quick search for metal building prices you can find countless construction methods, one of which is a modular building on eBay. While we don’t recommend eBay metal buildings, we will use their pricing to compare steel building and a building purchased through General Steel.


24x48 $40 per SQFT
Total Material Cost $48,472
Total Project Cost $48,472

Rigid Building

24x48 $10-$15 per SQFT
Total Material Cost $9,216-$16,824
Total Project Cost $25,000-$35,000
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Commercial Buildings Are Evolving

The modern steel building, including rigid frame buildings, has outgrown its “metal box” reputation. No longer are these facilities limited to static designs and bland execution. Rigid frame buildings offer endless possibilities for attractive and useful facilities. To get a sense of just how versatile these buildings have become, take a look at how our customers are custom designing their metal building kits with our team for just about any application imaginable.

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