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Interactive Metal Building Color Chart

The interactive infographic below contains only the most popular colors selected by our customers to create their metal building color scheme. To see how a combination of colors looks next to one another, simply click the names of the colors below the pie chart to select and deselect building colors.

Popular Color Combinations

Choosing which colors will appear where is an important step in the design process with General Steel. The colors you select can make your building unique while also complimenting surrounding structures. Since there are so many metal building color schemes and color charts to sort through once you purchase your steel building, our team is trained to help you determine the best color palate for your project even if that means choosing a custom color that is not featured on this page.
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Crimson Red + Polar White

This garage building features Crimson Red wainscot and trim with Polar White walls and a galvalume roof. Metal Garages
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Cobalt Blue + Snow White

This auto shop in Colorado showcases our Gallery Blue walls and Snow White trim with matching components. Auto Shops
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Almond + Medium Bronze

This metal shed in Monument, CO has subtle Almond walls paired with a Medium Bronze roof, trim and components. Metal Sheds
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Charcoal Gray Monochromatic

The GlobExplore office building in Arizona shows how an all Charcoal Gray building can create a professional look. Prefab Office Buildings
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Ash Gray + Fern Green

The Northern Logistics warehouse building features Ash Gray walls, Fern Green trim and white components. Steel Warehouses
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Koko Brown + Snow White

Koko Brown walls with Snow White trim and components is an emerging color scheme as shown on this hangar. Airplane Hangars
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Crimson Red + Ash Gray

If you want a more subdued but also bold building, Crimson Red trim with Ash Gray walls is a great choice. Workshops
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Ash Gray + Burnished Slate

This dog training facility was the winner of our photo contest with its Ash Gray walls and Burnished Slate trim. Commercial Buildings
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Ash Gray + Charcoal Gray

This agricultural building shows how even Charcoal Gray gutters and downs can compliment the overall color scheme. Agricultural Buildings
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Closing Color Considerations

Depending on your local municipality, the colors you select for your steel building may need approval before fabrication of your building.Our team has worked on thousands of projects and can consult with you to recommend complimentary or matching colors and your Project Coordinator at General Steel has experience working with local municipalities if you need help.

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