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Uncertainty of Future Steel Building Prices

The steel industry is in a constant state of flux, but especially so in 2018 with the market being the focal point of an escalating trade war. With the March announcement of 25-percent tariffs on all imported steel, economists are still unsure of the short- and long-term effects of the significant policy change, creating a sense of uncertainty surrounding an already volatile industry.

Building Prices 2021

30x50 $40,000-$45,000
50x100 $90,000-$100,000
100x100 $200,000-$225,000

Building Prices 2022

30x50 $30,000-$46,500
50x100 $100,000-$155,000
100x100 $200,000-$310,000
Opposing Opinions on Future Prices

On one hand, the price of steel has increased nearly 40 percent since March. On the other hand, some experts are projecting a price drop as early as the end of this year. All in all, this most recent episode is just the latest example of the instability of the commodities market and how it can affect the final cost of metal buildings.

Top 3 Pricing Questions

If your steel is American, why are your prices increasing?
The price of steel is determined on a global scale. If there is a construction boom in South America or Europe, it will draw down the American steel supply as well as the global supply. More demand and less supply results in higher prices.
How does General Steel combat the increases?
We are constantly working with the plants to get the best prices for our customers.
What are the pitfalls to watch out for?
Some companies will quote you a price far below the current price of the building. They do this knowing they can simply change order you later once you’ve signed their contract.
tải game baccaratLiên kết đăng nhập

Navigating the Buying Process

We don’t want you to be surprised when you receive an estimate for your steel building. That’s why our project consultants discuss the current price of steel as well as any market conditions that could cause a sudden fluctuation in price.  As you move through the buying process, we’re here to help you navigate any potential pitfalls to ensure you get the building you need at the price you expect.

Need help? We're listening.
Let us guide you through your decision.

No matter where you are in the process of building, General Steel has a solution for you. From our simple 3 step building quote to our growing library of project resources, General Steel is the company you've been looking for.
Building FAQs
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